Our Programs

Check your player’s age and gender in the table below to help you find the most suitable program.

We do have some flexibility in placing your child and depending on skill level, maturity, desire, etc., will allow a child to move up or down a program to better fit their needs, match their skill set, or allow siblings or friends to play on the same team.

Little League Age Girls Boys
3 to 4 Blast Ball Blast Ball
5 to 6 Tee Ball Tee Ball
7 to 8 Mini Minors baseball Mini Minors baseball
9 to 10 Minors baseball (coed)
Minors softball
Minors baseball
11 to 12 Majors baseball
Majors softball
Majors baseball
13 to 14 Junior baseball
Junior softball
Junior baseball
15 to 16 Senior baseball
Senior softball
Senior baseball

Your player’s Little League age is their age as of August 31. If you want to double check, the Little League Association has a handy age calculator that can be found here.