Our Programs

National Little League is excited to offer the following programs for the upcoming season:

BlastBall (3/4 year olds)

T-Ball (5/6 year olds)

Mini-Minors (7/8 year olds)

Rookie Minors (7/8 year olds)

Minors (9/10 year olds)

Majors (11/12 year olds)

Baseball age divisions for the season are based on the player’s age as of April 30.  If  you want to double check, the Little League Association has a handy age calculator that can be found hereWe do have some flexibility in placing your child and depending on skill level, maturity, desire, etc., will allow a child to move up or down a division to better fit their needs, match their skill set, or allow siblings to play on the same team.