2019 Pre-Season Skills Assessments

2019 pre-season skills assessments will be conducted starting March 10 as follows:

Assesments are important in ensuring that we place your child in the most appropriate program, so please be sure to bring your child to at least one assessment.

Please bring your child to the date and time designated for their age. This will help us avoid being swamped with children on any particular date.

If you are unable to attend one of the designated assessments for your child’s age, please contact us at info@nationallittleleague.org and we will arrange for your child to attend an alternate date.

Assessments are for children age 7 to 12. They are not mandatory for younger children, but if you have registered a very precocious 6-year-old who would like to play with older, more skilled, children, please feel free to bring them to one of the dates/times for 7-year-olds.