Donate to National

Are you a National Little League alumnus who would like to give back, or perhaps a community member looking to help area children? Your contribution helps us meet our ongoing expenses, replace and upgrade our equipment, and subsidize economically disadvantaged players.

Send us a Cheque

If you would like to support National Little League, feel free to send us a cheque made out to “National Ball Association”. Kindly send it to the address on this page.

Donate via PayPal

Now you can donate to us via PayPal! Just click on the button below to be taken to the PayPal site. You will be able to set the exact amount you would like to donate. You will be returned to this site after you have made your contribution.

Thank You!

If you have a story to share (e.g. via Facebook), or would like your contribution to be spent in a particular way, you can send us a message via PayPal or contact us here. (If you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s of course completely fine too!)