How to Apply for KidSport Online

Before you apply

In order to receive KidSport funding you will need to demonstrate financial need. So, you will need ONE of the following:

  • the contact information for a reference (a professional in social work or family services, a school principal or counsellor, a senior recreation administrator, lawyer, accountant, law enforcement officer, or a registered physician)
  • for a potential Reference NOT working in one of the above fields, a written letter from the potential Reference outlining the financial need of the family
  • a scan or PDF of your most recent CRA (income tax) return or Notice of Assessment

Please note that National Little League directors and coaches are not eligible to act as References.

Filling out the online form

Launch the form here:

“Section 1: Athlete Recipient”

Use the following information:

Start and end date of sport season:
April 15 to June 30, 2018
Advertised Registration Cost:
Please enter our registration fee, which you can check here for your child’s age.
Grant amount Request:
Same as Advertised Registration Cost

“Section 2: Specify who we make the payment to”

Under “Option One: Sport Organization”, use the following information:

Sport Organization
National Ball Association DBA Victoria National Little League
1280 Hillside Avenue
City and Postal Code
PO BOX 35006, RPO Hillside, Victoria V8T 5G2
Contact at Sport Organization
If you know one of our board members personally, please feel free to use their information instead.
First Name
Last Name
Name of the Provincial Sport Organization that the club is a member in good standing of. This determines eligibility for funding.
Little League BC / Baseball BC

You can leave the fields under “Option Two: School” blank.

“Section 4: Grant Distribution”

Please check the box next to “Sport Organization”

If you need help filling out the rest of the form, please contact us.


What to do next?

Please wait to be contacted by KidSport with information about the status of your application. If you do not hear from KidSport within a reasonable amount of time, please contact us and we will go to bat for you.