Registration FAQ

Is my child the right age to play?
Children age 3 to 16 are eligible to play, as long as they live or go to school in the catchment area. Challenger Baseball players can be 5 years of age and up.
My child doesn’t live or attend school in the National Little League catchment area. Can they still play ball with National?
Yes even if you are from outside the catchment area, you are still eligible to join us if your child used to play here, if your child has a sibling who plays here, or if you get permission from the league that your child would normally play in based on your residence (find it here).
How much does registration cost?
Registration for the 2019 regular season is $50 to $175 depending on age. For more information, check our registration page.
What other expenses can I expect to pay?
At a minimum, your child will need a baseball glove. Prices for gloves vary widely. You can find a good second-hand glove for as little as $10 at thrift stores in the off-season. 

Players ages 7 and up will also need a pelvic protector (jock or jill), about $20 each at most sporting goods stores, and a pair of baseball pants or other long protective pants.

Bats and helmets are provided for use during practices and games.

When is baseball season?
Regular baseball season starts at the end of March / beginning of April and finishes at the end of June. Playoffs for children 9 and over can run into July. 

We also offer fall ball that runs from the beginning of September to the middle of October, and occasional skills clinics at other times during the year.

What is expected from me as a parent?
At a minimum, you will need to arrange transportation for your child to the practices and games. The practice locations are at one of our two home fields– click here for the map and directions. Older children may play some of their games in other cities within the CRD. 

Also, National Little League is run completely by volunteers, most of whom are parents just like you. We ask that you pitch in and volunteer some of your time too. There are lots of different ways to get involved, a little or a lot.

Is baseball coed?
Yes, boys and girls are both welcome to play.
Do you have a girls’ softball league?
Yes, we accept softball registrations for girls 9 and over. We also welcome girls to play coed baseball alongside the boys.
My child is almost 12 years old, but is new to baseball. Is that OK?
Yes, it is OK for older children without experience to join! When we form the teams, we will place your child with other children of similar age and skill so that everybody has a good time.