National offers softball registration for girls age 9 – 16.

With the exception of softball, all of our programs are co-ed. Girls up to age 8 play in co-ed BlastBall, Tee-Ball, and Mini Minors; girls 9 and up may choose between Softball and co-ed Baseball.

The following divisions are offered:

  • Minors (ages 9 – 10)
  • Majors (ages 11 – 12)
  • Junior (ages 13 – 14)
  • Senior (ages 15 – 16)

Majors, Junior, and Senior Softball tournament play offers Provincial, Canadian, and World Series opportunities.

Note: Softball is subject to having enough players and coaches to form teams. If teams cannot be formed, players will be offered other options such as joining the baseball division, combining with players from other Little League parks to form teams, or a full refund.

Who can play?

  • “League Age” 9 – 16 year old girls
  • Other ages may play up or down as appropriate
  • New and experienced players are welcome
  • Players are selected through mandatory assessments to ensure teams have balanced skill levels

What is included?

  • A hat and t-shirt style jersey that players get to keep!
  • A team/individual photo
  • Basic playing equipment (bats, helmets, catchers gear)

What is needed?

  • Jill (groin protection)
  • Glove
  • Grey baseball pants
  • Cleats

Other recommended items include a personal batting helmet and batting gloves

Parent Expectations

Parents are expected to help with the following:

  • Field setup and takedown
  • Scorekeeping (one scorekeeper from each team is required for a game to be played)
  • Volunteering in the concession
  • Helping the coach: Dugout manager or base coach during games; first baseman, catcher etc. during practices

The team’s head coach will ask for volunteers and set up a parent volunteer schedule.

Team Schedule


  • 1 – 2 per week played against other National teams and Little Leagues offering softball throughout Greater Victoria (Beacon Hill, Hampton, and Layritz)


  • 1 – 2 per week as set by the head coach