Victoria Capitals Baseball (Ages 13 – 16)

Victoria Capitals

National is pleased to take registrations for Victoria Capitals baseball registration for 13 – 16 year olds. Players from National’s catchment are combined with players from other Little League catchments to form teams. For 2019, some games and practices will be held at other ball parks in Greater Victoria that have the larger size required for these divisions, including Royal Athletic Park. Tournament play offers Provincial, Canadian, and World Series opportunities.

2018/19 Off-Season Skills Clinics

Sundays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm running until March 31 2019
Focuses on the fundamentals of throwing, catching, back catching, pitching, hitting, and play making.
Location: Fernwood Community Centre
Cost for remaining dates: $60 (covers the venue rental) – first session FREE!
Please contact Mike Ross for more information:

Regular Season Play

The following divisions are offered:

  • Intermediate (ages 11 – 13): 50’ pitch, 70’ base path, full leadoffs and stealing
  • Junior (ages 12 – 14): 54’ pitch, 80’ base path, full leadoffs and stealing
  • Senior (ages 14 – 16): 60.5’ pitch, 90’ base path, full leadoffs and stealing

Who can play?

  • “League Age” 13 – 16 year olds
  • Other ages may play up or down as appropriate
  • New and experienced players are welcome
  • Players are selected through mandatory assessments to ensure teams have balanced skill levels

Team Schedule


  • 2 per week play against teams from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland
  • Local tournaments


  • At least twice a week