The Jerry Hale Award

Jerry Hale

The Jerry Hale award is an award that is given annually to a graduating Majors Baseball player.

This prestigious award’s namesake was an institution in itself. Jerry Hale was at National for 37 years and in that time he held every position on the executive except for president.

During baseball season Jerry showed up at the park every morning on his way to work to turn the sprinkler on. He kept score for every major game and because of that he also kept all the stats. He led every work party for many years to make sure the field was in tip top shape. He never had any children of his own, but adopted all the players that happened to call National their home park. All his “kids” had to do was ask and Jerry would supply them with a freezie. Jerry was a remarkable man who kept giving, never asking for anything in return.

This award named in Jerry’s Honor represents the many values that he held dear: sportsmanship, fair play, volunteerism, & team spirit. As the years pass, we cannot forget Jerry or his many contributions to National.

The Doug Hudlin Award

Doug Hudlin

Doug Hudlin was born in Victoria in 1922 and inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017. He served as an umpire for over 40 years, beginning and ending his career at National Little League’s home field.

The Doug Hudlin award goes to a junior umpire who is never late, never misses a shift, and has been deemed by their peers and the league to always be professional and respectful to players, fans, and coaches.

The Don Moore Award

Don Moore

The Don Moore award goes to the most improved player in the rookie minor, minor, or major divisions.